Rebekka Kronsteiner: so oder so

Jahresgaben 2023
Rodrigo Hernández, Franziska Nast, Rebekka Kronsteiner

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Jimmy Robert: 
Call and Response

Published by Künstlerhaus Bremen and Nadja Quante, the artist record was conceived following the exhibition la musique dans la chambre, which took place at Künstlerhaus Bremen from February to April 2022. It extends the exhibition, which placed a focus on sound in Robert's work. How can Robert's performances be approached via sound and how can the auditory level be used as an access to the performances beyond photo documentation and reenactment?

Call and Response brings together eleven sound pieces created in the context of Jimmy Robert's performances and exhibitions. They were produced in collaboration with sound artist and DJ Ain Bailey, choreographer Jane Ellison, and artists Rosa Barba and Emma Hedditch, among others. The record is complemented by a booklet with an introduction by Nadja Quante and an essay by Mason Leaver-Yap and was beautifully designed by the London studio Wolfe Hall.

Jimmy Robert: Call & Response
Edited by Künstlerhaus Bremen and Nadja Quante
Published by Apparent Extent, Cologne and Bierke, Berlin, 2023
Record and booklet, 12 pages, DE/EN, Softcover
Edition: 500
Price: 25 euros

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