For many years the Satellite of Bremen Art takes exhibtitions and projects of artists, chosen by well-known curators, to destinations all over the world. We contact people in near and far regions and show them something from us and about us or develop a project there and then bring back our impressions to Bremen.

The 14th Art Satellite was from August 1st on the road in Russia until October 26th 2021. Curated by the former director of Künstlerh user Worpswede and the Wiener Künstlerhaus Tim Voss, the artists Claudia Piepenbrock and Andr  Sassenroth had developed the project STILL LIFE TRAIN. They traveled from Bremen via Moscow mainly by train (and a few ferries) across Russia to Wladiwostok, to the Sachalin Islands and then on to Novosibirsk, Golubitskoe on the Assow Sea, to Moscow and via the northern route back to Bremen. There were various events on their long journey. In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut the artist duo andy&cloud took part in the 48th Festival Novosibirsk and showed an installation in the Krasni Faki Theater. In the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Wladiwostok and in the Topografie Center for Contemporary Art in Krasnodar the artists developed lectures, talks and performances. They visited the Art Foundation in Golubitskoe and as Art Residencies in the Garage Studios they presented the project in the form of a temporary restaurant. The many results and experiences of the trip are to be presented in Bremen in a tram that travels through the city for a day on a large circuit - as soon as current condition permit. Besides that, extensive documentation is created.

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