Awarding of Studios

Open Call to apply for Bremen artists

3 free studios in the Künstlerhaus Bremen 

Since 1992, the Künstlerhaus Bremen has been a lively place for the production, presentation and promotion of art and culture. The non-profit association comprises seventeen studios for visual artists, a gallery, two guest studios, a printing and a wood workshop, studios and offices of the creative scene, the artists' associations BBK and GEDOK as well as a restaurant under one roof. In the gallery, which is open to the public free of charge, the Künstlerhaus Bremen presents four to five changing exhibitions of contemporary art each year, which are accompanied by a mediating support program and regular guided tours. The goal is the mediation, promotion and discussion of current, emerging artists as well as the networking of Bremen artists with an international scene.

Künstlerhaus Bremen e. V. currently invites applications for the following studios for visual artists in Bremen: 

Studio 1

Front House, 3rd Floor
Size: 53 m2
Monthly rent: 233,62 € (incl. heat and electricity and wi-fi

Available: 1.10.2023


Studio 2 

Back House, 2nd Floor 
Size: 42 m2
Monthly rent: 182,28 € (incl. heat and electricity and wi-fi) 

Available: 1.11.2023


Studio 3

Front House, 2nd Floor
Size: 28 m2
Monthly rent: 120,12 € (incl. heat and electricity and wi-fi) 

Available: 1.1.2024


The studios are awarded for a period of five years (with an option to extend for a further two years). The studios are not wheelchair accessible. 

A condition for the awarding of a studio is the willingness for active membership, i.e. cooperation and commitment in supporting the association of the Künstlerhaus Bremen e. V. - Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur.  

Künstlerhaus Bremen stands for free artistic creation in a responsible, communal and solidary environment. Diversity, tolerance and equality shape our understanding of free art and society.  

You can learn more about our values in the mission statement on our website.


Who can apply?

Bremen-based visual artists with a degree in art from an art academy or comparable institution are eligible to apply. The degree should be completed at the beginning of the rental period. Several artists or collectives can apply for a studio together. If you are considering this option, please state so in your application.


Selection procedure 

An independent external jury of experts decides on the awarding of the studios.


Application deadline and documents

Please submit the following application documents: 

  • an informal cover letter with your motivation (max. 1 page)
  • short biography (max. 1 page)
  • Portfolio (pdf, max. 10 pages and no more than 10 MB) with work details (for time-based media, please include links of online documentation and images)


Please send your application by email or wetransfer to: by midnight on July 2.

Late applications cannot be considered. By participating, the applicant agrees to the procedure and data storage.

Please direct any questions to: Janine Behrens, Management, 

Tel. 0421-5980412,



Künstlerhaus Bremen promotes the production, presentation and discussion of contemporary art and culture - in a regional to international context. We support professional artists through a good infrastructure and affordable studios and expand their possibilities for networking and presentation. Künstlerhaus Bremen is a place for encounter and exchange. Here, artists, creative businesses, associations and the gallery work together on an interdisciplinary basis.
Under one roof, a gallery, 20 studios, a printing and a wood workshop, studios for graphics, design, sound and film, the Bremen artists' associations (BBK and GEDOK) and a restaurant form a unique structure.

Künstlerhaus Bremen has 20 studios of various sizes, which are regularly advertised publicly and awarded by an external jury of experts to visual artists* resident in Bremen for a period of up to 5 years (with the option of an extension for another 2 years). In this way, Bremen-based artists are given the opportunity to establish themselves in a professional and interdisciplinary environment at favorable rental conditions.

Who can apply?
Applications are open to Bremen-based visual artists with a degree in art from an art academy or comparable institution. The degree should be available at the beginning of the rental period. Students can rent a studio either individually or as part of an artist collective or studio community.
A condition for the awarding of a studio is the willingness of an active membership, i.e. willingness to cooperate and commit oneself, in the supporting association Künstlerhaus Bremen e. V..

On this page you can learn more about the artists currently working at the Künstlerhaus Bremen and their works. The artists at Künstlerhaus Bremen also have the opportunity to present their work to a broad public within the framework of in-house events, such as the regular house visit (Hausbesuch) and the biennial open studios (Offene Ateliers).
If you are interested in a studio space, you can register here at any time to be included in an e-mail list and will be informed the next time there is a call for entries.
Unfortunately, the studios are not wheelchair-accessible.

The Künstlerhaus Bremen is supported by: