Hannes Middelberg

AUTOMAT FLOWER – Buchrelease und Rauminstallation von Hannes Middelberg

On Saturday, under the title AUTOMAT FLOWER, Hannes Middelberg presents his eponymous, hot-off-the-press artist publication, as well as a workroom with a compilation of objects, images and performative moments. Middelberg, who works in one of the studios in Künstlerhaus Bremen, addresses movement and repetition in his drawings and installations. Starting at 5 pm, concerts by his fellow artists Eszta Forgacs, Norman Neumann, Mari Lena Rapprich and Zhe Wang will take place on a stage in the courtyard of the Künstlerhaus. The evening will end with a DJ set by Michael Rieken.

Saturday, 14.05.
from 2 pm Book Launch and Installation
5 pm Concerts and Performances by Eszta Forgacs, Norman Neumann, Mari Lena Rapprich, Zhe Wang und / and Michael Rieken