in sight out

Since March 2021, artists from the studios and other tenants of the workshops and studios of the house have been presenting their work on a blank space in the façade of the Künstlerhaus Bremen - a window above the entrance door of the front building. Like looking through a window, the work in the house becomes visible to the outside: processual to finished, drawn and photographed, sculptural or fluid. The project series in sight out provides an insight into the diverse positions that are created behind the walls of the Künstlerhaus Bremen.

Dieter Fehling - EXIT

As part of the project series in sight out Dieter Fehling is currently showing his work EXIT on the facade of the Künstlerhaus. The work, an annual gift from the Blaumeier studio, was realized as a 2-color silkscreen graphic.



Petra Fiebig - Ich bin nicht da

As part of the project series in sight out on the facade of the Künstlerhaus, Petra Fiebig is showing her work Ich bin nicht da.

Petra Fiebig deals with representations of interiors and the reflections on people, things and life circumstances that are hidden in them. Her preferred medium is drawing.


Hannes Middelberg - no title

Hannes Middelberg is giving an insight into his artistic work as part of the project series "in sight out" on the facade of the Künstlerhaus Bremen (no titel, 2023). Middelberg has been working at the Künstlerhaus Bremen since 2018. He studied at the University of the Arts and received his diploma in 2017 with distinction under Prof. Andre Korpys and Prof. Markus Löffler. He completed his studies in 2018 as a master student under Prof. Rosa Barba. You can find more information about Middelberg's work on our website.


Carolin Klapp - Untitled

Carolin Klapp shows her work Untitled as part of the project series in sight out at the facade of the Künstlerhaus Bremen. Klapp, who has been the artistic director of the collective D.O.C.H. since 2014, works with various media. An important theme of her work is the creation of relaxation. With visual measures, she critically examines the performance society and the wellness industry.



Klaus Zwick - Starschnitt

Klaus Zwick's work often focuses on pop stars, their song lyrics and famous quotes from them. The stars are printed in a special kind of lithography with gold pigment, so that they become "Bright Stars".

Anna Bart – Haus am Meer

On the facade of the Künstlerhaus Bremen, Anna Bart is showing her work Haus am Meer (House by the Sea) as part of the project series in sight out. The artist takes up the motive of interior and everyday life in her often large-format, partly installation works with oil on paper.


Martin Wilmes - Kommode Colorante (close-up)

Duration: April - June

On the facade of the Künstlerhaus Bremen, Martin Wilmes is currently showing a close-up of his work "Kommode Colorante", as part of the project series "in sight out".

The carpenter and applied artist focuses on the desgin and production of furniture. Clarity in the design, high-quality selected materials - mainly solid hardwoods - and the most careful craftmanship characterize Wilmes' work.


Hassan Sheidaei – Sanktion (2021)
Duration: Mid-November - December


Evita Emmersleben – Kussbild
Duration: Mid-September - November

About the photo:

"I engage in performance, painting and drawing. So I paint with different, often greasy, sensual, everyday materials in an often performative, increasingly conceptual and physical process.
I am very interested in the intimate, human, enduring and bringing together diverse materials and art genres.
Portraiture for me is touching the other visually, merging. Chocolate is seductive, fragile, ephemeral, has morbidity and disgust, is luxury as well as trash.
"My eye is my mouth is an eye." - Quote by Dieter Roth

Evita Emmersleben


Kerstin Rolfes - without title
Duration: July - mid September

After a classical education as a photographer, Kerstin Rolfes started working on different reportages. Among other things, in the detention center for women in Vechta or in the photographic examination of the topic of friendship in old age. This was followed by studies in media art in Groningen and then "Visual Communication" at the Kunsthochschule in Bremen. For her diploma thesis Geel - Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit (Geel - How real is reality) she spent some time in Belgium to photographically accompany people with a mental illness and/or intellectual disability in Geel.
She was a member of the photo editorial team of taz Bremen (die tageszeitung). She has been working since 1999 for various clients as a freelance photographer and realizes her own photographic projects. Since 2011 she has been working together with graphic designer Inge Glinsmann and since 2016 also with copywriter Petra Schröder in a wonderful and creative office community in the Künstlerhaus.

To the photo:
Street photography - "a moment in Italy, but which I could have encountered here on the Weser as well." – Kerstin Rolfes


Sara Förster - serendipity

Duration: March until mid-May 2021


From mid-May: Karin Demuth - es war einmal...
From mid-July: Kerstin Rolfes - untitled