Surprise Surprise

«Surprise, Surprise»  - Review of the opening event at the Künstlerhaus Bremen

The start of the "Surprise, Surprise" series of events took place on October 3, 2020 in beautiful autumnal weather. It was possible to create a rich personal encounter between visitors* and artists*, which allowed artistic processes to become visible and to find answers to the question of what contact with art can currently look like.

In the first edition of " Surprise, Surprise ", the Bremen artist Irene Strese (Bremen studio scholarship 2020) and the Israeli artist Eyal Dinar (guest stipendiary 2020) let the visitors* participate in their work on site. Due to the different rooms and locations as well as the open time schedule it was always possible to have a direct exchange, which inspired and invited those present to stay. The artists* used both the interior and exterior space of the Künstlerhaus, creating a dynamic experience for all.


1 house
2.400 square meters
40 actors

The Künstlerhaus Bremen operates 20 studios and a gallery with an international exhibition program under the premise of promoting the production, presentation and discussion of contemporary art in a regional to international context. The current pandemic situation requires new ways of communication for the presentation and mediation of artistic work. The actors* at Künstlerhaus Bremen also see the crisis as an opportunity - which is why they will be launching new formats under the title "Surprise Surprise" starting in October 2020.

The artistic processes will be made visible. These formats react to events with limited personnel and find answers to them also in the digital space. The "Surprise Surprise" project series as an artistic mindset, work and exposition will be choreographed by the artists* and staged in analog and digital form. Due to the habitus of positioning their own artistic work by means of live staging, each event itself becomes an artistic product.

The start of the series will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2020 between 2 - 7 pm.

The two guest scholarship holders* Irene Strese and Eyal Dinar will give insights into their work and studios on this day.

The Bremen-based artist Irene Strese is a recipient of this year's Bremen Studio Scholarship (Senator for Culture Bremen). She will give an insight into her work, which combines elements from sculptural procedures, performance and participatory approaches. A surprise is also planned. (

Eyal Dinar is an Israeli artist and lives in Düsseldorf. He was invited by the Künstlerhaus Bremen for this year's guest scholarship and will show his work in the guest studio (front building 3rd floor) as part of "Surprise Surprise". (

The number of participants* is limited. Please register at

Hygiene regulations for the containment of the Covid 19 pandemic will be observed