Bremen Studio Grant: Rebekka Kronsteiner

so oder so

09.12.2023 - 04.02.2024

Opening: 08.12.2023

Rebekka Kronsteiner works at the intersection of painting and sculpture. Her works are characterized by tensions between image and object, imagery and pictorial support. The artist draws on industrially produced or found materials from the urban context, such as wax, latex, foils, textiles or Plexiglas. She works with these by layering or painting them - if possible without making a personal style visible. Kronsteiner is interested in processes of incidental imaging through processing and the resulting processes of decay. The materials age, fade, turn yellow or become porous. Kronsteiner plays with expectations and attributions of value. What strategies of transformation or reorganization are possible?

Rebekka Kronsteiner (b. 1996 in Überlingen, Lake of Constance) studied painting under Prof. Stephan Baumkötter at the University of the Arts Bremen and graduated as a master student in 2023. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Mainz, Kassel, Leipzig, and Recife. She is co-founder of the feminist cultural kiosk KOSK*I. In 2020, she ran the MMS Offspace in Bremen together with Francisco Valença Vaz.


The Bremen Studio Grant 2023

Every year from January 1 to December 31, the Senator for Culture awards a twelve-month studio grant, including a monthly financial allowance for the realization of artistic work, to a visual artist living and working in Bremen. The aim of the grant is to support young artists in their entry into professional life and in networking in the art world, and to help establish their artistic work locally. The Künstlerhaus Bremen provides a studio workspace, enables the exchange with experienced colleagues and an insight into the practice of an internationally networked exhibition space. The grant receivers are supervised by the artistic director of the Künstlerhaus and other external curators. The grant ends with a small presentation of the work and an artist talk at the Künstlerhaus Bremen.

Accompanying Program

Thursday, 1 February, 7 pm

Artist Talk



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