HfK as a guest at Künstlerhaus Bremen

Break Scapes by The Bremen Intersection: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Art, Sound and Creativity


Künstlerhaus Bremen and MS Dauerwelle

Final Presentation of the class of guest professors
Antti Sakari Saario & Amanda Newall 

with Chi Him Chik, Robert Coellen, Marlene Ensslen, Gashbin Gharib, Shatw Gurji, Hannah Alena Herb, Ilona Karácsony, Sita Kotteck, Carola Mittelstraß, Gabriela Valdespino

15.–18.02., 2–6 pm

Opening: Wed, February 14, 7–10 pm



Break Scapes by The Bremen Intersection is an interdisciplinary project that was developed over the course of a semester by HFK Bremen students in collaboration with guest professors Antti Sakari Saario (electroacoustic composer) and Amanda Newall (visual artist). From February 14 to 18, the final presentation of this project will take place at Künstlerhaus Bremen and on the MS Dauerwelle. It will include an exhibition of works by the students and guest professors as well as a series of workshops and performances. The exhibition will open on February 14 at 7 pm in the gallery of the Künstlerhaus. Afterwards, at 8 pm, The Brown Happening, an immersive sound installation by Shatw Gurji and Robert Coellen in the guest studio of the Künsltherhaus, will kick off the series of events in the Künstlerhaus guest studio, which will end on February 17 with a party starting at 9.30 pm on MS Dauerwelle. In between, creative workshops, dance and music performances offer a varied program. The exhibitions at the gallery of Künstlerhaus Bremen and at MS Dauerwelle will be on view through Sunday, February 18, open daily from 2-6 pm.

The admission to the exhibition as well as to all workshops and performances is free, no previous knowledge is required.


The Brown Happening – Immersive Sound Installation
with Shatw Gurji and Robert Coellen
Wed, 14.02., 8 pm
Location: Guest studio of Künstlerhaus Bremen (front building, 3rd floor)
Shatw Gurji and Robert Coellen invite the audience to become part of an immersive collective listening space that creates a calming experience for the participants.

Jacket and Earring Decoration Workshop
with Shatw Gurji and Gashbin Kamal Gharib
Thur, 15.02., 2–6 pm
Location: Guest studio of Künstlerhaus Bremen (front building, 3rd floor)
Registration: SGURJI@hfk-bremen.de  
For the design of the jackets and earrings, workshop participants are invited to bring old jackets and yarn, as well as fabric remnants to make earrings. Scissors, glue and basic sewing materials will be provided. During the workshop, participants will work together to create something new from old materials.

MASKERA Mask Making Workshop
with Ilona Karácsony
Fri, 16.02., 2–6 pm
Location: Gallery of Künstlerhaus Bremen
Registration: studio@ilonakaracsony.com
Max. number of participants: 6
Based on a previously jointly generated archive of AI-generated images and analogue collages, the participants will make the textile masks from fabric maché in the workshop.

Breakscapes – Dance Performance   
by Marlene Ensslen with Sita Kotteck and Hannah Alena Herb
Sat, 17.02., 7 pm
Location: Gallery of Künstlerhaus Bremen

Music Performance with Chi Him Chik
Sat, 17.02., 9 pm
Location: Gallery of Künstlerhaus Bremen
Hong Kong media artist Chi Him Chik combines skills, knowledge and aesthetics from different fields/genres and transforms his spectrum of artistic languages into performative experiences.

Closing Party with DJ Fonofuchs
Sat, 17.02., 9.30 pm
Location: MS Dauerwelle  

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