Irina Gheorghe: Methods for the Study of What Is Not There

25 September – 21 November 2021
Opening: 25 September, 5 – 7 pm
5 pm Performance by Irina Gheorghe: Preliminary Remarks on the Study of What Is Not There

Under the title Methods for the Study of What Is Not There, Irina Gheorghe (b. 1981 in Târgoviște, RO, lives in Berlin) presents a performance and an installation comprising photographs, colored panels, a sound work and tape drawings. The formally rigorous drawings, composed of rectangular areas of color, are studies for the performance Preliminary Remarks for the Study of What Is Not There, which Gheorghe will perform at the opening of the exhibition. They are scores for choreographies in which she uses language and gestures to unfold an imaginary map of intangible presences in the space. Color-coded arrangements conceal various categorizations of non-perceptible entities that come together to form a cartography. Elements of earlier scores overlap in the installation and create an idiosyncratic temporality that distorts the present. Photographs show the artist executing gestures that she uses in her performance. The fragmentary character of the series allows an indecipherable vocabulary of gestures to emerge. Similarly to the text in the performance and audio work, they create an atmosphere of absurdity and alienation in which the applied sign system is debunked as an arbitrary system. In the performance, Gheorghe uses body language and voice to connect the existing space with another dimension of invisible existences. She oscillates between script and improvisation and involves both the spatial situation and the audience.

Curated by Nadja Quante


Irina Gheorghe's audio work Routes to What Is Not There (2020) is also available here

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Watch the accompanying online video screening Ghostly Embodiments program here!

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