K.Ö.N.I.G./K.Ö.N.I.G Dienst am Kunden - Nr. 2

29. November – 7. December 1998

Concept: Anne Schlöpke

Night & Day

Marion Bösen, Axel Jansen, Theresia Janssen. Stefan Jeep, KEB Unternehmensgruppe, Manfred Kirschner, Tobias Lange, Andreas Lutter, Claudia Madeiros Cardoso, Veronika Schuhmacher, Barbara Wagner, Ole Wulfers. 

In contrast to K.Ö.N.I.G./K.Ö.N.I.G. Dienst am Kunden Nr.2, where we presented a broad spectrum of artistic modes of action and strategies in the service society, K.Ö.N.I.G./K.Ö.N.I.G. Dienst am Kunden Nr. 2 puts a "service" of art in the foreground: to offer compensation against excessive psychological pressure and stress. In a situation in which the temporal and spatial boundaries between work and leisure are blurring and workaholics are approaching the 24-hour day, the KünstlerHaus also offers its rooms at night for work breaks, stress relief, against Sunday depression, Monday fatigue, etc..
Aspects of night work come into view: the damage to health caused by it, but also the love for it, which is said to be a part of the so-called creative professions. (In the "art" company, night work was introduced some time ago in order to increase productivity, because "the competition never sleeps").

On Friday, November 27 at 11:00 we will give a press conference, combined with a preview of the 10 rooms.