K.Ö.N.I.G./K.Ö.N.I.G. Dienst am Kunden - Nr. 4

11. May – 6. June 1999

Concept: Anne Schlöpke

OdA* (Organisation of Everyday Life)

OdA* explores connections between art and everyday life in two corresponding events:

KünstlerHaus: 11.05.-06.06. Gabriele Konsor 'Akademie AURACOR-Die Kunst, kreativ zu leben'
Gabriele Konsor (visual artist) has been working on her art concept AURACOR since 1993. As a registered trademark, the name AURACOR has since marked her productions as "commodity" art. After various exhibitions and projects, the setting up of a model flat and the design of a distance learning course in art, the AURACOR Academy now follows, with which Gabriele Konsor offers four-week workshops and intensive courses in the Künstlerhaus.

With her concept, she draws attention to the (unfixed) border between art and everyday life, to the difference between the production of art and its use, to our (secret) desires for AURA / uniqueness and DeKOR / the design of our own living environment.

Employees' Chamber: 11.05.-28.05. Barbara Thiel/Rosa Steinbrenner 'TAG FÜR TAG'.
Barbara Thiel and Rosa Steinbrenner (film and video artists) have created a programmatic work for OdA*: TAG FÜR TAG, where a permanently installed camera observed the everyday life of an unemployed person, an artist and an employee. The video tapes are edited and played back to a television set, and the viewer can switch back and forth between the three situations by pushing a button. He gains insight into the different patterns of action and time structures of the persons shown and possibly experiences a feedback of his own everyday life.

The installation of the work in a waiting room of the Bremen Chamber of Employees is part of the concept. The apparent uneventfulness of what can be seen changes the perception of time. Time seems stretched, although it is real time. In this sense, the television screen can become a mirror of one's own situation.


Akademie AURACOR-Die Kunst kreativ zu leben.
by Gabriele Konsor

For one whole month, Gabriele Konsor is a guest  with the "Akademie AURACOR" at the KünstlerHaus Bremen: Art lovers are invited to experience their own creativity in an encounter with AURACOR. An AURACOR painting accompanies us in this fascinating dialogue with contemporary art.

Two weekend workshops:

No day without AURACOR
23/24 May, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Big Whitsun workshop for the whole family
Integrating art into life: ever since the artists of the Bauhaus developed this vision in the 1920s, it has lost none of its relevance. Who of us doesn't wish to be surrounded by works of art we have created ourselves and to use them every day?! Together we design a utilitarian object based on the AURACOR motif. We will use the sketches from the first AURACOR course as a basis.

A picture for you
29/30 May, 1 - 6 pm
In this weekend workshop we want to approach the picture in a very personal way and yet in the end take home a real AURACOR picture: We will paint the picture without copying it. STill trends in art history (Dadaism, Impressionism, Surrealism, etc.) will be discussed as well as forms of representation from our everyday life (comics, children's drawings). In an introductory talk we will clarify our individual preferences. We work with acrylic paints on painting canvases on which the contours of the motif are printed.

Two intensive courses:

The art of living creatively
17 - 28 May
These two courses offer art lovers who can spare more time the opportunity to spend a week intensively working with the AURACOR idea. They combine the content of the workshops "A Picture for You" and "No Day Without AURACOR" into a complex guide for action, which opens up new perspectives for the shaping of our everyday life. The number of participants for the intensive courses is limited to ten. Each course participant has his or her own small studio to which he or she can retreat if necessary.


Tag für Tag
by Rosa Steinbrenner

Künstler heute: Sinnstifter oder Streetworker
Discussion with Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen and Wulf Herzogenrath