Myong-Hee Ki: Reading the Time With My Hands

Bremer Studio Grant 2021

5 December 2021 – 9 January 2022

Soft Opening: 4 December, 3–7 pm

Due to the current situation there will be no opening speeches.
To visit the exhibition, the 2G regulation and contact tracing applies according to the current regulation, i.e. we ask for proof of vaccination or recovery as well as for registration of your contact details.
A mask is required to visit the exhibition.

In her "woven drawings”, Myong-Hee Ki translates textile structures and, in the process, attempts to immerse herself in them. Her works convey a slowness and tranquility, capturing the essence of the everyday objects that surround us in their poetic dimension. More woven than drawn, they reveal traces of a meticulous hand and a concentrated gaze.
In the exhibition Reading the Time With My Hands, Ki uses various forms of presentation to reflect on her working method and the cyclical passage of time associated with it: supposedly completed works are set into her archives, taken out again, and modified so that something new emerges in turn. Individual pictorial elements join to form a whole that is set in motion by folds and curvatures. The essence of structure, formed and enlivened by repetition and the difference that always emerges from it, comes to the fore here.
Myong-Hee Ki (b. 1981 in Sang-Ju, South Korea) studied at the University of Arts Bremen and graduated in 2017 with Katrin von Maltzahn. She has already participated in group exhibitions in Seoul and Düsseldorf, among others, and was nominated for the Werner Kühl Prize in 2020.

Accompanying Program

Wednesday, 15 December, 7 pm Artist Talk with Myong-Hee Ki & Julika Wagner (online)


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