Nona Inescu: Corporealle

6 July – 1 September 2019
Opening: Friday, 5 July 2019, 7 pm

The solo show, Corporealle, presents works by artist Nona Inescu (*1991 in Bucharest) that focus on the human interaction with natural and primitive materials – animate and inanimate. In her photographs, videos, sculptural installations and objects, Inescu combines found objects from nature, such as stones or corals, with artificial or processed materials that imitate natural qualities, as for example leather. She dissects objects, removing them from their contexts, to carefully arrange themin sensual, poetic compositions of formal similarities and material juxtapositions in the exhibition space. Stones are enlivened; subject and object merge into each other and are no longer clearly distinguishable. The artist draws analogies between human, animal, vegetal and mineral features and proposes possible interactions between human and non-human bodies through physical contact or touch.
Inescu’s work prompts new ways of looking at our relationship with “nature” and challenges prevailing subject-object relations. Through playing with the similarity of forms and by setting human and non-human things on an equal level, Inescu confuses the sense of what is animate or not. 

Corporealle is Nona Inescu’s first institutional solo exhibition.

Curated by Nadja Quante


Download the exhibition booklet here