Shirin Mohammad: rebellion of the slogans

Opening: Fri, 31.03., 7 pm

In her exhibition rebellion of the slogans, Shirin Mohammad (b. 1992 in Tehran, lives and works in Berlin and Tehran) presents a new multimedia installation including sound, sculpture and a publication. Mohammad's multidisciplinary practice includes installation, film as well as artistic research in archives. With a particular focus on the socio-political history of Iran, Mohammad brings together elements of documentary and fiction to examine the remnants of lost, ignored, and abandoned narratives. rebellion of the slogans features the first iteration of a new research-based work by the artist that concentrates on the language and aural aspect of slogans from various historical ruptures; from the Constitutional Revolution (aka Enghelāb-e Mashrūteh) in the early 1900s, to the current revolution. For the exhibition at Künstlerhaus, Mohammad focuses on four general strikes and protests dating between 2017 and 2023. Mohammad’s new work looks at the history of resistance movements and addresses the influence of cultural and linguistic expression on political discourse.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of conversations with scholars and cultural workers from Iran that were part of Mohammad’s artistic research.


Curated by Nadja Quante


26.04., 6 pm
Lecture by Annika Lisa Richter
If you need me, I'm (still) in the basement! – Kunst und Feminismus in Wissenschaft, Institutionen und Aktivismus
In cooperation with Künstlerinnenverband Bremen, GEDOK and Mariann Steegmann Institut. Kunst & Gender at the Universität Bremen. 
Part of the series A House for Fe*male Artists [Ein Haus für Künstler*innen] 
Event held in German
04.05., 7 pm
Presentation by Yasmin Ansari:
Politics of Memory and the Slogans of Jina's Revolution
Presentation by Mahdis Mohammadi:
Remembrance of Things to Come: Archiving Iranian Protest Movements
followed by a conversation with Shirin Mohammad
Event held in English

A presentation by Sohrab Mokhtari followed by a conversation with Shirin Mohammad will take place later in May. The date and title will be announced on our website and by newsletter.

24.05., 6 pm 
Curator’s Tour with Nadja Quante
(in German)
07.05., 3 pm 
Guided tour with Frederik Preuschoft
(in German)