Norbert Schwontkowski

Self-confident and timidly it looks at us. Old as eternity, with open eyes. Das Welt. Loosely sketched and precise in expression. The copper-gold dust shines like a slipped golden nimbus. A contemporary icon or is it really just a dog that can be seen there? Like the universe, the world is as incomprehensible to man as the good Lord is to God, despite the rhetoric of globalization. The paintings of Norbert Schwontkowski (1949–2016) mostly tell sad stories. Sweet melancholy and charity are interwoven with grotesqueness and wit. His humor resembles a deus ex machina that suddenly comes around the corner and turns everything around for the better.


Norbert Schwontkowski
Das Welt, 2005
Screen printing with copper gold dust
61 x 41 cm
28 editions with unique character
produced for the Künstlerhaus Bremen
450 €