Horst Müller

Horst Müller (*1943 in Bremerhaven, lives in Bremen) focuses in his works on what usually escapes our perception: inconspicuous objects that have become so familiar to us that we overlook them. In photographic works, sculptures or books, things meet as if by chance; they seem ordinary and yet open up a poetically enigmatic cosmos of their own. A recurring motif in the artist’s work is the principle of duality: often it is two fragments that are united or doubled and refer only to themselves, as if the experience of this world is imposed by that of a parallel world. In his edition for the Künstlerhaus Bremen, a highly aestheticized double eye poses a riddle. Müller’s treatment of the original Lotte (Auge) (1928) by the Bauhaus photographer Max Burchartz, generates new references: In its surrealistically connotated doubling, the double eye refers not only to René Magritte or Luis Buñuel, but also to ancient Egyptian mythology. There, the eye of the god Horus was regarded as a symbol of completion as well as healing and was used as protection against the evil eye.

Horst Müller
Auge, 1998/2001
Offset Printing
19.6 x 19.6 cm, with passepartout 50 x 40 cm
Edition 10
450 €