Sofia Hultén

The Swedish artist Sofia Hultén (*1972 in Stockholm, lives in Berlin) shaved seven different ball types for her work Skinned Balls. The skins were removed down to the innermost layer and what remained was the core of the whole. Sofia Hultén sets out in search of the last indivisible particle that slumbers within each body and is different in each ball, as can be seen here. However, the installation on the wall opens up another level: The Skinned Balls form a kind of constellation and thus represent a cosmological finding beyond themselves. In this work, the artist also traces the overriding principles inherent in the objects. Relationship between human beings and objects, as well as the nature of objects and the durability of fabrics appear in a new light.


Sofia Hultén
Skinned Balls, 2008
Set of 7 different balls
variable dimensions
Edition 10
1.200 €