Stella Geppert

The dimension of space is a central theme in the work of artist Stella Geppert (*1967 in Gustedt, lives in Berlin). Through her often very subtle installations in public places, she enables the viewer to perceive space in a new way or to consciously engage with it. This approach to such an abstract phenomenon can be seen in an incomparable way in the work Weiße Wand #1 , which could also be titled “Homage to an Exhibition Wall.” At the end of an exhibition, these are the only things left–white walls that refer to what has happened through traces of processing such as drilling, filling and painting over. The mobile used and shortly built up space for art always reconstitutes the space for art and makes the presentation of art possible. Thus Stella Geppert’s Weiße Wand #1, as an image of an exhibition wall, which with its length of 2.60 m corresponds to the average room height of a Bremen house, will also intervene in the personal living space of the viewer and open up new rooms.


Stella Geppert
Weiße Wand #1 (detail), 2008
standard wallpaper with photo print, incl. packaging and removable paste
4 sheets of 46,5 cm each
Edition 5
550 €