Thomas Kapielski


Thomas Kapielski (*1951 in Berlin, lives in Berlin) began his artistic career as a literary figure before he sought pictorial expression for his thoughts. His works, which consist of a close interplay of image and language, usually have an ironic undertone. His language constructions, which he places directly into the illustrations or uses as titles, bear witness to witty, critical up to highly philosophical reflections on everyday madness and, last but not least, the art business. The Bremer Quintett (BQ), which consists of five individual drawings, offers a taste of the Kapielski cosmos. One learns from perfect things as well as from panning and warping. The 180º turned sausage and cheese is transformed into Kunst & Käse (art and cheese) as if by magic. The uncertainty of the observer ranges from the despair of the middle and continues this time with oxymora to Schwarze Schneepudel & weiße Berchwerchspudel in ROT (black snow poodles & white berchwerch poodles in red). En passant, Kapielski thus unhinged our world and takes aim at its set of rules.


Thomas Kapielski
Schwarze Schneepudel & weiße Berchwerchspudel in ROT; Kunst & Käse; Verlüste der Mitten; schwojen und warpen; Perfekte Sache!, 2008
21 x 29,7 cm
5 unique works
1.000 € each

still available: Perfekte Sache!