John Wood & Paul Harrison

John Wood & Paul Harrison show sober and humorous actions in their works. They experiment with everyday objects and test their potential. The actions always take place in neutral, cube-shaped spaces. Characterized by lightness as well as movement, the ping-pong balls in the photograph have gone astray 3 points and landed in a paint tub. Incapacitated by gravity and adhesive substance, they stick to the ground and protrude rebelliously from the occupied terrain.

“The main advantage of working collaboratively is that there is always someone to play table tennis with. We began keeping score of games on a sheet of 8' × 4' MDF. As we neared 1000 games, we realized one of us would win by getting to 501 games first. That would make it 1-0 to the winner. Occasionally work gets in the way of table tennis. Whilst painting a set for a video three balls landed in the paint tray. Three points lost forever.”


John Wood & Paul Harrison
3 points, 2009
28,5 x 40,5 cm
Edition 21
250 €

3 points original