Sebastian Gräfe

By means of simple materials and seemingly simple interventions, which however mostly turn out to have serious consequences, Sebastian Gräfe explores space. He humorously analyzes and reflects on everyday and natural phenomena and analyzes their scientific, philosophical and poetic content. In this way he opens up our often too sober or even inexistent perception for the phenomena surrounding us. For the Künstlerhaus Bremen, Sebastian Gräfe has subjected the Darwinian principle Survival of the Fittest to his own field study. The book On the Origin of Species (By Means of Natural Selection) by Charles Darwin contains that famous thought that the best-adapted individual asserts himself, which was misappropriated by the artist. Used as a fly swatter, the publication itself bears witness to what can happen to the less fit, if one takes Darwin’s theory all too literally. Now the natural scientist himself, whose portrait is emblazoned on the cover of the book, is the dabbed one and, in a double sense, the victim of a questionable zeitgeist.


Sebastian Gräfe
Das große Missverständnis, 2009
27.2 × 19.6 cm
3 unique works
750 €