Egill Sæbjörnsson

The works of Egill Sæbjörnsson (*1973 in Reykjavík / IS) form an unusual fusion of music, sound, light, video and installation. He brings everyday objects to life, makes handbags dance, ping-pong balls bounce, pianos sing and rocks speak. The motif of stone, both natural and artificial, runs through Sæbjörnsson’s work. The artist takes a pragmatic view of stones surrounded by all kinds of myths, as a basic material of our earth lying around, free to be handled further. Sæbjörnsson’s edition consists of six small Emotional Stones, which he formed from different materials. They are images of their natural ancestors, archetypes of the mineral mass. Yet they are surrounded by an aura that tells stories about the origin of the earth, about the events that took place before humans populated the earth. As in nature, each stone is different, has its own characteristics, surface structures and colors. And with a little imagination, anyone can bring the dead rock to life.


Egill Saenbjörnsson
Emotional Stones1-6, 2011
Various materials and 3D glasses,
dimensions variable, 6 unique works
each 600 €