Harald Falkenhagen

Harald Falkenhagen’s (*1956 in Delmenhorst, Germany) drawings captivate with their lightness and humor. His works thrive on the tension between image and writing, on the apparent relationship between the two. Instead of elaborate settings, he creates simple, often ironic, yet very poetic reflections on the world that surrounds us. His works deal with personal, everyday thoughts and gestures. They are hastily put down on paper as testimonies to the ideas of their originator. The DIN A4 format provides a framework for this, which is also the basis for the sheets Die Welt am Nachmittag. Harald Falkenhagen’s method is based on simplicity: In the drawings, he seems to have put the fleeting, slightly melancholic mood of a Bremen afternoon onto paper with a few concentrated movements by means of a glance out of the studio window. The note below, written in Falkenhagen’s characteristic handwriting in ink, makes it unmistakably clear what it is all about: No afternoon is like the other, each one is unique.


Harald Falkenhagen
Die Welt am Nachmittag, 2009
pen-and-ink drawing
29,7 × 21 cm, 3 unique works
350 € each, framed


nachmittag3++ Kopie