Ivan Seal

The objects that Ivan Seal (*1973 in Stockport / UK) draws or paints are created in his head, and that have an improvised character. They seem remote and are reduced to the essential motif of the picture. With naturalistic painting techniques and trompe-l'oeil effects he feigns material presence, but at the same time plays with the fact that the objects are drawn despite all realism. ‘Ceci n'est pas une pipe.’– the pencil drawings Five Pipes are not simple portraits of classical tobacco pipes à la Magritte. Rather, the exclusive and imaginative collection ranges from compact to filigree individual pieces with twisted spars, curved pipe bowls or pointed mouthpieces made of various materials. The focus is not on their function or the endeavour to develop a particularly suitable container for smoking tobacco, but on the originality and eccentricity of each object. They are rather caricatures of pipes, of small figures that lead a life of their own. A collection that even non-smokers are enthusiastic about.


Ivan Seal
Five pipes, 2011
Pencil drawing, unframed
19,5 x 28 cm
5 unique works
each 950 €