Jiří Kovanda

The Czech artist Jiří Kovanda (*1953 in Prague / CZ) began to work with minimalist actions and performances in public space in Prague in the late 1970s. In very subtle, almost invisible interventions he explores the everyday scope of actions in his immediate social environment. His actions draw attention to everyday gestures and products that have long since become invisible to us. In this way, transience and play meet, as in the edition Einfarbige Welt. Yellow, green, blue, red, pink, brown, purple and orange– the colorful diversity of the Smarties awakens memories of our own childhood. However, Kovanda puts an end to the colorful togetherness and sorts the chocolate lentils according to their colors. The diversity turns into monotony, the disorderly is sorted. At the same time, the sensory stimulus is intensified by each individual radiant color. And one will wonder whether one can actually eat such seductively looking art.


Jirí Kovanda
Einfarbige Welt, 2011
Smarties pack (giant roll)
25 ø 3.6 cm
8 unique works
25 € each