Kilian Rüthemann

The Swiss sculptor Kilian Rüthemann (*1979 in Bütschwil / CH) explores the boundaries of material and sculpture in his works. He works with industrial materials such as glass, cement, steel, lacquer or bitumen, with materials whose properties and structures often only reveal themselves in the working process. For the work Very Short Moment, Kilian Rüthemann makes use of the naturally occurring material of flint. With just one targeted blow, parts of the stone are split off and sharp-edged stone blades are created. The handcrafted gesture is still immediately perceptible and reveals the particularly fine and even inner structure of the material. The final sculpture results from the special splitting properties of the flint and the precise action of the performer. The reduction of the sculptural act is taken to the extreme and produces an artistic product that carries within it the aesthetics of archaic work equipment.


Kilian Rüthemann
Very Short Moment, 2009
Flintstone blade
approx. 8 cm
13 unique works
800 € each