Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham)

4 Kniffe s

7 Kniffe, 2020
unfired, lacquered clay
8–12 cm x 5–7 cm x 5–8 cm each
7 similar unique works, with one lined box each
360 € each

Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham) deals with human system structures, abstracting them as human machines, components and choreographies. In doing so, the exploration of existing, normative structures plays just as much a role as the perception and representation of failures, mutations and errors. Her works take the form of epic performances, tactile objects, sensual sculptures, videos or installations, some of which she collages from found objects, with a particular focus on materials. This small edition of seven different pinches is part of a larger series of hand-sized sculptures in unfired, lacquered clay. The pale skin color and forms evoke physicality. For this purpose, the artist uses anatomical drawings, picks up parts of bones, tendons or flesh bulges and processes them. The forms seem familiar, though still it is not clear where to locate them. For 7 Kniffe (pinches), the artist goes one step further and creates a unique edition in which her finger impression dwells in the flesh.

Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham) studied fine arts in Oslo and at Central Saint Martins in London, where she graduated with distinction in 2011. Before that she studied linguistics, psychology and fine arts at the University of Cologne from 2001 to 2005. She currently teaches at the University of Bremen. Her work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions, including Printed Matter, New York (USA) / Goethe-Institut Cairo (EGY) / Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (DE) / Hayaka Arti, Istanbul (TR) / Trafo, Stettin (PL) / LYON Biennale de la Danse, La lavoir public, Lyon (FR) / Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden (DE) / HDLU, Zagreb (HR) / October Salon, Belgrade (RS) / Museum Frieder Burda | Salon Berlin, Berlin (DE) / Ventolin Art Space, Melbourne (AUS). Her works are in the MOMENTUM Worldwide Video Collection (DE), Piracy Book Collection, AND Publishing (UK), DesapE (BR), Tofiq House Collection (BR), Sammlung Städtische Galerie Bremen and various private collections worldwide.