Simone Gilges

SimoneGilges soirsurlacote ed20

freier edition box, 2014

The edition box contains:

  • b/w photography handprinted by Simone Gilges, 18 x 24 cm, soir sur la cote, 2008/2014, signed, unframed
  • music-CD by Elsa Mbala, ONE take recordings 2013 at Casano Berlin by Ole Brolin (5 songs), signed
  • freier Issue 5, freier Fall from 2009
  • freier Issue 6, freier Austausch from 2014

Edition of 20, numbered
300 €

“freier is an adjective. It comes from the dictionary. It is quite simple. In French it means a suitor; in German, ‘Get off my back, maybe another time’ or ‘Don’t worry, we’ve had you by the neck for a long time now’; in Romanian it means ‘Of course!’ and so forth… An international word.” (from the manifesto by N. Pleasure)

freier – Magazine for the Mental state, is a b/w magazine of a circle of friends based in Berlin between 1995 and today. It is edited and published by Simone Gilges in collaboration with Honey-Suckle Company and invited guests and can be located between fanzine, poetry in images and text, artist book, photo-zine.





Simone Gilges is a photographer and artist based in Berlin since 1995. She was a member of the artists' group Honey-Suckle Company from 1995 – 2020 and produced the magazine for mental state freier from 2003 to 2014.