Luca Frei

edition luca frei

Within the context of his publication Thursday followed Wednesday and Tuesday followed Monday and there was Sunday and there was Saturday and there was Friday, which was published by Spector Books, the Swiss artist Luca Frei (*1976 in Lugano, lives and works in Malmö) has designed a special edition for the Kunsthaus Glarus in Switzerland. The gallery director of the Künstlerhaus Bremen is co-editor of this publication and we are very pleased to be able to offer three copies of his graphic work as exclusive editions.

Frei’s work is based on poetic associations that are often characterized by a certain humor. His edition reflects the questions and doubts of drawing and represents exactly the materials from which it was created: an ink pen and an inkwell. These have human traits and ironically seem to already know what is in store for them. Instead of reproducing his drawing with the help of the printing technique, as it is usually the case, Frei has decided to reproduce it himself by hand. Each edition is thus an original and, unlike machine reproduction, shows slight variations.

Luca Frei
Untitled, 2014
Indian ink on paper
31 x 24 cm
edition of 15, 3 of them for Künstlerhaus Bremen
210 €, unframed