Marie Angeletti


Marie Angeletti (*1984 in Marseille, France, lives and works in Berlin) had her first German solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bremen. She presented her works beyond the exhibition space in the house and let the visitor pass through an atmospheric place of experience created by light.

The French artist presents her photographs, which she often reworks digitally or in analog form, in a wide variety of formats. For the exhibition, she coated her prints with a cold glaze, which reflects the environment of the picture due to its high-gloss surface. Her three editions are based on the same process and show motifs from various backgrounds: Bremen, the artist’s studio and a fashion series. Here Marie Angeletti continues her investigation of the associative potential of photography to capture fleeting impressions and, in the course of the working process, develops scenarios that are suggested rather than explained to the viewer.

Marie Angeletti
Horse 01, 30 x 44 cm
Moulin (Mühle) 02, 30 x 44,5 cm
Rose (Knot Collection, Nhu Duong), 30 x 53 cm
all works: 2015, cold glaze on C-print
3 unique works
2000 € each