Pio Rahner


Pio Rahner (*1982 in Offenburg, lives and works in Bremen) studied photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. This medium forms an essential part of his work, but it also expands into the field of sculpture. Regardless of the medium, his works grow out of an ambivalent relationship between surface and volume. For another work, for example, the artist treated the surface of wooden elements with great effort in order to subsequently insert them into cube-shaped silhouettes.

The starting point of his edition is a prosaic motif: the packaging paper of a block of frying fat, which contrasts clearly with the poetic title. It refers to the process that the material will inevitably perish: the loss of its original form. Paradoxically, this standardized, industrially produced form was designed to dissolve and later be absorbed by the body. Rahner illustrates in a concise way how organic processes and DIN-standardized forms inevitably and continuously collide in everyday life.

Pio Rahner
Verlorene Form, 2015
57 x 49 cm
edition of 20, 5 of them for Künstlerhaus Bremen
180 €, unframed