Daniel Rossi

2017 Jahresgaben Kunstlerhaus a web

Daniel Rossi (*1985 in Italy, lives and works in Bremen) studied at the HfK in Bremen, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and was in the class of Prof. Stefan Baumkötter in 2017. His work deals with structural elements of painting. Again and again he interrupts the surface of his canvases and introduces a haptic dimension into the painting, for example by using loose fabric elements. Rossi does not treat surface and materiality as opposites in his experimental handling of color and material.

In the two paintings, his editions for the Künstlerhaus, the artist uses latex paint, which is both color and material at the same time. The pictures possess a processual quality and invite the viewer to look through its layers. Only after looking at them for a longer period of time their diverse moments and aspects become accessible, and whose literal complexity reminds one of the characteristics of a fossil.

Daniel Rossi
Viso Coperto, 2017
44 x 40 cm

Still available:
AWOL, 2017
58 x 40 cm
latex, acrylic, oil paint on polyester
2 unique works
400 €