Henning Fehr und Philipp Rühr

2017 Jahresgaben Kunstlerhaus f web Auschnitt2

Henning Fehr (*1985 in Erlangen) and Philipp Rühr (*1986 in Brühl) studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf and are currently based in Berlin. Their solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bremen, Being sad is not a hobby, presented one aspect of their extensive research of circulation and appropriation of motifs in music and architecture.

As an edition they both made a drawing, which is an atypic medium in their work. With it, the artists show a selection of their respective houseplants, accompanied by a description of their relationship to each of them. The two drawings suggest the complex interconnections of these seemingly random plants. Their presence is not only conditioned by a certain commercial infrastructure, which draws on the longing for nature to transform it into a domestic format. They also stand for a network of stories and friendships through which these ubiquitous plants have come to the artists’ homes. Using simple, modest means, the work emphasizes the permeability between the private sphere and the connection to nature conditioned by the market.

Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr
Untitled, 2017
crayon and Copic marker on paper
30 x 40 cm
2 unique works
800 € each, unframed