Lina Hermsdorf

2017 Jahresgaben Kunstlerhaus c web2

Lina Hermsdorf’s (*1985 in Hamburg, lives and works in London) edition for the Künstlerhaus reflects her ongoing interest with the properties of living systems that receive, store and transform energy and information. For this purpose, the artist has designed glass plates in the proportions of an office desk. Each of the three unique pieces is printed with different sentences. The work plays with the transparency of the material as well as with the work situation associated with it, and highlights the relationship between body and machine, which here is the computer.

The use of sound tracks and the use of glass as material that on the one hand separate, but on the other allows the gaze to wander freely. Hermsdorf realized her exploration of the body permeated by science and technology in her solo exhibition at the Künstlerhaus. Similar to the visitors to her exhibition, every buyer of this annual exhibition potentially becomes a performer of Hermsdorf’s work by activating the desk as a place of information exchange.

Lina Hermsdorf
Desktop I-III, 2017
text on glass, both sides
65 x 90 cm
3 unique works
price: 550 € each