Alina Schmuch

The magazine shows photographs of coworking spaces: still lifes of interiors that imitate familiar living environments and natural materials. Affirmative sentences or hidden personal messages can be read on the walls. A similar brochure was shown in Alina Schmuch's exhibition The Inner Office. It was created during her research in a coworking space of a global provider that rents out flexible workspaces on a monthly basis for self-employed people or start-up companies. The format refers to forms of corporate publishing.

Alina Schmuch
Dedicated Desk, 2018
Magazine, offset printing
20 pages
29,7 × 21 cm
Edition: 100, of which 80 for the Künstlerhaus Bremen
Exclusively available at the Künstlerhaus
18 €

KHB Jahresgaben2018 Foto vondenDriesch 31