Sebastian Dannenberg

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Sebastian Dannenberg takes the architecture of the room as a basis for interventions that make its peculiarities visible. His interventions are often simple, sculptural arrangements derived from painterly questions.
Under the title It's all about the river, he connected the Künstlerhaus with the Städtische Galerie in three parts. The first part was an intervention consisting of a precisely placed line in the gallery of the Künstlerhaus. Dannenberg then drew the line in a performative action along the Kleine Weser to the Städtische Galerie, where he ran it around the exhibition space in August. Its beginning is still visible in the courtyard of the Künstlerhaus. The edition is a trace of these interventions, which continues as painting on the wall.

Sebastian Dannenberg
It's all about the river vol. 3 - portable, 2018
Lacquer on wood
42 × 30 cm
6 similar unique works
800 € each