Sofia Duchovny

S Duchovby 3 JG2020

Vorhang auf are the titles of the watercolors that Sofia Duchovny makes available to the Künstlerhaus. Two curtains form the exposed situation of a stage, while the feet that peeked out of a bedspread mark an intimate space. In two of the watercolors, the feet are flanked by heart-shaped boxes. A psychological space is symbolically hinted at here, caricaturing the ambivalences of (artist) existence between public role and intimate relationships.
Sofia Duchovny transfers methods of painting to media such as sculpture or watercolor, which she also combines. She was represented in the exhibition SHAME with her series Bats.

Sofia Duchovny
Vorhang auf (1-3), 2018
Watercolor on paper
24 × 32 cm (framed: 40 × 50 cm)
3 unique works
450 € each with frame