Nona Inescu

Rugosa crust klein

In her first institutional solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bremen in summer 2019, Nona Inescu showed works that focus on the human interaction with natural and primitive materials – animate and inanimate. The artist draws analogies between human, animal, vegetal and mineral features and proposes possible interactions between human and non-human bodies through physical contact or touch. This is also the case in this photograph, in which a hand feels the body of a concretion stone. The title of the work, Rugosa, refers to the extinct wrinkled coral as well as the rough texture of the stone. The picture is reminiscent of a hand grabbing a belly. Inescus work challenges the prevailing subject-object relations in our relationship to "nature."

Nona Inescu
Rugosa (Kruste), 2019
Digital Print on Hahnemühle Paper
28 x 42 cm
Edition: 3 + 1 AP
Exclusively for Künstlerhaus Bremen
1000 €