Stephanie Kiwitt

Edition RGB web4

Stephanie Kiwitt is interested in processes of transformation in urban contexts, especially in relation to architecture and consumer culture, which she documents photographically. Her Jahresgabe/Edition is a limited photo print from the artist's book Máj/My together with this very book, which shows photographs taken by Kiwitt in Prague between 2015 and 2018. The title Máj/My referstoa Prague department store that was run under the name Máj from 1975 until it was taken over by the British supermarket chain Tesco in 1996 and renamed My by them in 2009. While the Old Czech word Máj is a poetic expression for the month of May and associated with Labor Day, My can be read not only as a reference to the neoliberal idea of individualized consumption (in the sense of mine), but also – if pronounced in Czech – be understood as we. Kiwitt takes the renaming as an occasion to reflect on changes in the city and society.

Stephanie Kiwitt
Máj/My, 2019
Pigment print on glossy paper
25,4 x 17,6 cm
Edition: 1-5/10, numbered and signed
together with the signed photo book Máj/My, Spector Books, Leipzig 2018, Edition: 900 
350 €