Anna Bart

Untitled (tea packaging), 2021
Untitled (Candy wrapper), 2021
Oil on architectural paper
44 x 35 cm each,
2 unique pieces
each 550 € incl. frame

Anna Bart's painted still lifes are portraits of everyday objects or spaces. The real object is only the point of departure, not the goal in the sense of a truthful depiction. Bart takes the thing away from its starting point and translates it into something new by means of painting. Oblique lines and idiosyncratic perspectives, as well as the absence of cast shadows, turn the objects into small, utopian architectures. The objects (in the two paintings Bart has provided as annual gifts) are packaging for food, however, she uses brushstrokes, paint application, and line work to translate them into whimsical little spaces through perspective. Bart has been working in one of the studios at Künstlerhaus Bremen since 2015.