Cuarteto Consonante Findorff presents "Die Vögelinnen"

Monday,12th July, 7 p.m. in the courtyard

Contrary to the widespread belief that it is predominantly male birds that sing, in the majority of species female birds also raise their voices to warble songs. Here, biases of historical research have led to a serious underestimation of female bird song.
In the history of classical music, too, there are many female composers who have been and continue to be given little attention. With chamber music by Florence Price (1887-1953) and Caroline Shaw (b. 1982, winner of the Pullitzer Prize of Music 2013), among others, the string quartet "Cuarteto Consonante Findorff" wants to sound some works that come from female pens.

The string quartet is composed of the following musicians:
Violins: Karoline Ott, David Cisternas
Viola: Audrey Monfils
Violoncello: Elena Tomarchio