Improvisation set with Aimée Theriot (cello, electronics) and Andrés Nuño de Buen (acoustic synthesizer)

Sunday, 03.09., 4 pm 

Concert for the finissage

Improvisation set with Aimée Theriot (cello, electronics) and Andrés Nuño de Buen (acoustic synthesizer)

For the finissage of Rodrigo Hernandéz's exhibition, Andrés Nuño de Buen and Aimée Theriot will present a sound piece in the exhibition that centers around the Acoustic Synthesizer, an instrument based on a design by Hermann von Helmholtz from the 1800s. Sound is produced with tuning forks and electromagnets amplified through glass bottles which produce entirely acoustic sine waves. An electric cello joins to create a slowly evolving and multilayered sonic landscape. 


Admission free!


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Rodrigo Hernandéz





Andrés Nuño de Buen (Mexico City, 1988) strives for an immediate sensuality in his music, which focuses on sensory perception. The Berlin-based composer creates his pieces through subtle processes of sound shaping with acoustic instruments, electronic media, objects, and self-made instruments.

Nuño de Buen was awarded the 67th Kompositionspreis der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart (2022) for his work “Leve” for the ALEPH Guitar Quartet. His music has been performed at New Music festivals worldwide and has been supported by institutions such as the Berlin Academy of Arts and the Mexican Secretariat of Culture. He studied in Mexico City and Karlsruhe, mainly with Wolfgang Rihm and Markus Hechtle. 


Aimée Theriot (MX) is a musician interested in understanding the world through sound and vibration. Her music draws from free improvisation, ambient, and soundscape recordings, with a heavy dose of experimentation using live electronics, cello, guitar, and voice.

Aimée co-founded and facilitates The Social Music Club; improvisation and sound experimentation sessions for musicians and non-musicians, and aux), a collective that facilitates events, collaborations, and conversations around experimental practices in listening, music, and sonic arts. She lives in Amsterdam.



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