Rodrigo Hernández: Carrés


Opening: Thu, 22.06., 7 pm

The artistic practice of Rodrigo Hernández (b. 1983 in Mexico City) moves between drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. His works reflect and negotiate the constitutive conditions and modes of perception of art and are usually influenced by literary, poetic or aesthetic texts. Over the years, he has developed his own unique set of characters and signs that continually appear and make new connections in his work. His color- and form-intensive installations and sculptures are constellations or compositions that do not develop a coherent narrative, but linger in the realm of the possible, the ambiguous, mysterious, and poetic.

The exhibition features a new work consisting of a modular wooden structure on which sculptural objects made of papier-mâché are sitting that can be moved by visitors. In a quiet manner, the relationship between sculpture and image, space and object, representing, seeing and moving bodies is explored here.


Rodrigo Hernández’ new work is produced in cooperation with P/////AKT, Amsterdam.

Curated by Nadja Quante


On Sat, 2 September and Sunday, September 3, the visit of the exhibition is limited due to preparations for the finissage concert. Thank you very much for your understanding.


05.07. | 6 pm
Guided tour with Helen Roth (DE)

12.07. | 6 pm
Guided tour with Clara Kramer (DE)

31.08. | 6 pm
Curator’s tour with Nadja Quante (DE)

03.09. | 4 pm
Improvisation set with Aimée Theriot (cello, electronics) and Andrés Nuño de Buen (acoustic synthesizer) 

The exhibition is supported by